Saturday, 13 April 2013

Revulsion buy Leo

That's what I feel when I sometimes read something about my human mates. I don't know in another countries but this is one in which sometimes is normal to get agreements by shooting, crooking or trampling in the most literal meaning of the word. I many times think that most of us have the head just for wearing a hat. This is Franska's story...

Thanks Leo for the information you provided me some years ago.

Who killed bear Franska?

Franska had many enemies. Sheperds said she had killed more than one hundred sheeps around the villages of the area. At the Pyrenees, where brown bear became extinct many years ago, there's no much food for a plantigrade in need of fat in order to survive the winter. She was never welcomed. Her mate, Palouma, was killed by an "accidental shoot" some months after having been released. Both Palouma and Franska were taken from Slovenia to the French Pyrinees thanks to a European programme for reintroducing bears in such place, a program wich in 2007 was declared as failure.

Franskwa was found hit dead by a car. At the beginning it was declared as an accident as Palouma's shoot but the autosy revealed that someone was in charge of making it look like an accident. It was finally accepted that the she bear was intentionally hit by a car... twice. But the most "curious" is that... before being hit by the car... she was shot several times... perhaps accidentally also...

The autopsy also revealed another secret: Franska was 17 years old. She was not 7 as the Slovenian Government said when she was given with the aim to repopulate. A difficult task to such an old bear.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Uncomfortable Truths: Why Spain Is Different

Five years ago I read an interview that was made to Mr José Santamarta, director of the Worldwatch Institute in Spain. After reading such interview I could not help to think about his words and came to my mind ... "to vary they are pulling our leg". The thing is that they are not only pulling our leg but also we are beginning to assume the abnormal as normal and the opposite: to assume the normal as abnormal.

Some of you will wonder: what did Mr José say? First, he said a thing that is in the thought of many (hopefully many): "The big infrastructures lend themselves to corruption more than other public business but of course they are more photogenic, it is, to cut the tape or lay the foundation stone before the elections is for some politicians far more necessary than modest and transparent investments in education, culture and healing. " 

On the other hand you have some facts that are not so promoted. I don't know if it happens because of neglect or because somehow they are uncomfortable truths... "According to the Worldwatch report a highway carries 2,500 people per hour, a bus line from 5000-8000, a tram or bus with a dedicated lane10,000 to 20,000, and the subway and commuter rail transport 50,000 people per hour, 20 times more than a highway. ". 

Now the question is: who matters that? Hei man, let things go hang...

Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Question Of Indecency

Some years ago, I thought my heart had hardened as regards to animal abuse. Let's say I was "vaccinated" against bullfighting, bulls killed by spears, tortured using darts, throwing goats from bell towers and any other barbarity to which I was supposed to be used to (as a Spaniard of course).

 But there was not. Although I had heard all kinds of atrocities on the subject of fur coats, I had not understood the magnitude of it until I saw the video that now I leave you bound. It was so terrible.... so hard to watch it... I could say there are two parts: the first one shows how animals are hit and the second, among other methods, how they are literally skinned alive and left to themselves until they die in the absence of their skin. Do not miss the expresion of the animal when it is aware of the absence ot its skin. 

But how can we be so swine? I think the one that makes the coat is as indecent as the one that purchases such a coat. Do any of these people, if they can be called people, know the meaning of the word dignity? I have no words, acts of similar caliber can only come from the unworthy, lacking in grace, indecent and lack of ethics and respect for life for which there is no gauge. In the world there are religions which provide that the evil that you inflict will be returned. I hope that this rule is applied to all those who collaborate with such indecent carnage, that Life will return the evil they have inflicted. 

Here's the link to have a "good time". I think it is only suitable for those who still defend "fur coat theory". The only thing I ask for now is that this information doesn't fall on deaf ears. 

Happy summer to everybody.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

See You Later

This blog is closed up to a new order. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Mails To The Director

The articles I usually post come from my thoughts or different pieces of news I read from time to time. And as in any job, there are more productive days than others or worse: there are days which are not productive at all. So I take advantage of that more productives days in order to write the posts and let them in a pile for when necessary (it is, days without any idea or nothing to say).

With respect to an article I posted some time ago, Ardorín, a friend of mine, made  a comment who brought to my mind a piece of news  which I had piled. So my friend, here you have a mail which was written to the persone in charge of the newspaper El País. The mail was edited in May 27th, 2007. the author is Nicolás Fabelo González, Galápagos, Madrid, who makes a reflection which I think is very interesting and which should be in the thoughts of everybody.


Traffic accidents have increased: it's roads fault, missing signposting, weather conditions... but never to blame for people who aggresively or madly drive, never to blame for those who show off driving at 180 km/h; perhaps is better to criticize those who drive according to the law...

Junk TV consolidate its leadership on TV media but it's not our fault. We have to claim on TV chains as  there is no room for cultural programs, maybe we also have to claim on politiciens for not giving a proper answer to this issue, maybe it will be the inherent cultural poverty of the capitalism but... has anybody thought that TV chains behave as markets? It is, they only sell what it is bought... has anybody thought about the gossiping and coarsing spirit of many individuals of our society who being idle in their sofa practise an absolute power on their remote control?

Climate change is worsening: We should claim on transnational  companies, on predator capitalism, the EEUU government, etc, etc... but never claim on those who overuse their SUVs just for a box of Cokes, those who set their heating system at 26ºC or the air conditioning at 17ºC, those who never will understand that winter has been created for being "cold" and summer for being "hot".

Many shameless individuals who have got loaded thanks to the destruction of the environment and spreading around the urbanistic chaos... so we should claim on the world of politics, on the defects in politics which rule the use of the land, on the capitalism rapacity... but never we should claim on those who are far more interested on the last signing of their football team than in the management of their comunity or municipality.

Summarizing: Our fault is never our fault, devil seems to come from politiciens, business people, journalists or from that dark abstraction called "the System".

Moral of the day: we see the mote in others eyes but not the beam in ours own.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Men's Things

Independently some people could think that organic food is something for spoilt guys, there also some other people who state that pesticides and insecticides affect the brain, the liver and the reproductive system. Respect to the latter, there was in 2007 a research carried out by the Copenhaguen Rishospital that stated that the organic food achives men have a 43% more sperm than a normal block. I perfectly know that somebody will think that this is a strange post and with no much message, for not saying nothing at all, but as the article spoke about organic food and I felt like speaking about that... what you see is what you get.

I got the information from a spanish newspaper in 2007, now here you have a simmilar piece of news but in English: Organic Food In Relation To Nutrition.  

That's all for now.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

This Is War

Some weeks ago I remember being working as a volunteer in a project for the conservation of cetaceans somewhere in the North Sea. I also remember having conversation with the people of the team about the consequences of depleting the oceans. The leader of the project made some comments about the increasing number of jellyfish (basically the consequence of tuna overfishing). But this point was not something new to me, in fact, I belong to one of the main countries that the more overfish the oceans: Spain. It's not something new in this country to have in summer news about jellyfish invading our beaches. The point is the way people understand the reality because no many are really aware of what's happening with the tuna population around the world. Things continue happening as some weeks and years ago... the war continues... and the worse is that the problem is getting worse.

Has something changed since 2007 when I wrote the following lines?...

July 3rd, 2007. I could recently read in the newspapers that authorities had declared war to jellyfish... Oh mine!... I continued reading and it seemed that the only real politicians and civil servants worried about the subject were those from the environment agency, in fact they were the only ones who put the finger in the wound: the lack of natural predators has boosted the presence of the jellyfish in our seas (and thanks God we have recently had a reasonable rainy season).

I'm really sure that more than one will have wondered about who is naturally supposed to be pillaging the jellyfish population.The answer is Mr. Tuna and Ms. Turtle. And now the cornerstone is... Where the hell are the tunas and the turtles? Why are their populations so low? Basically there are two answers:
  1. We're fishing tuna four times over the sustainable level. 
  2. Turtles are being jeopardised troughout really questionable methods of fishing.   
Although you can see the shelves of the supermarket plenty of tuna tins, it would be really suitable for you to reduce the consumption of this fish (in fact I left it some years ago). I would like to think that consumers and politicians are going to do their bit but let me doubt about it... Above all because the problem is developing faster than reactions being carried out to fix it.

If only the history didn't repeat as it happened to cod, but I'm afraid that there won't be a happy end, man is the only animal to stumble over the same stone twice. 

Good night.