Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Nice Picture, No Actions

In December 2007 I visited some friends that my wife and I have in Singapore. One of the places we visited was the zoo. To be sincere the Singapore zoo has been one of the best zoos I have ever visited so far but, in general, zoos are not my cup of tea. 

One of the attractions was the polar bear, that giant of the ice whose pictures move us. How nice! What a beautiful picture! What a pity he faces the threat of extinction in short! But what do we do when we arrive at home? What actions do we take every day? What's the percentage of people who do something to prevent, better said, to stop the melting of the ice caps? Only hot air... Nothing else... Things are getting worse... Methane is escaping from the ice: Have a look. Take it easy, it's better blaming on others. Keep sleeping.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Everything Has Been Stolen to Us

At the end of 2006, in my spanish blog I wrote some lines that, Ana Pérez Sanjuán from Greenpeace, sent to the magazine of such NPO. I thought it was worthy of being posted in my blog. Some notes before beginning.: Galicia is something like a "state" in Spain, not exactly, but for giving you an idea. The document was written as a consequence of the wood fires that year.

"Galicia's Prometeos, far away from stealing the Fire to the Gods looking for the Light and Life, they vile and cowardly steal such fire to the men to put out not only their inheritance but also their sons, grandsons' laugh and hopes.

Those killers of the Life have taken away the colour with all his blends, the smell with all its frangances, the smell of the dew in the morning and night dew soft shiver. They have taken away the orange-coloured moonrise among the twisted branches of the carballo (a vegetable), at the same time that the red-coloured sunsets among the green cloak of the mountains.

They have stolen the beautiful sing of the birds, the sound of the crikets at night, the sound of the cicada in the morning. Where's the walking of the frightened wall lizard, the wild boar's footprint, the astonished eyes of the fox, the wolf's howling or the light crack of the deer and roe deer with their elegant gallop among multicolored ferns?

They have stolen to us all the life beings on the Earth, the jubilation, the laugh, the summer and all the seasons during long, long time... Some of us have almost fallen silent, anothers won't come back to feel and see the freshing beat of the forest heart. But, in that fight which lasted more than ten moons and hurt suns, the Nobles and Knights of this odd age will leave us alone once more in the battlefield.

Take care Lords and Knights of that which is ours and that which belongs to itself, because never it will have an owner, so it is known that, when de jubilation comes back to the forests and specters lie in wait for, they feed on the life itself because you don't wipe out them, the inhabitants of this region, all over the Kingdom and the Empire let forests and wounded animals to die. But, the Moon and the Sun which see this, some day, they will took revenge on this, on the specters evil and on the Lords and Knights of this odd age who didn't know to carry out their oath".

After these lines the only thing I can do is to add this quote by Great Chief Seattle: the white man will swallow all the Earth and nothing will be left, only a desert.

Happy week to everybody.