Monday, 23 March 2009

Don't Look Away

Problems are not cleared up without facing them. The solution is in our hands. I know you'd rather prefer being happy but humanity has been living a party for two hundred years. Now it's the moment to make up our mind and make a change, a deep change. What are you waiting for? Regrettably, what you see below is, once more, not sci-fi.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Never's too Late to Mend

From time to time I surf the web looking for information which I think is worth spreading it. One example of it is the trailer I leave here. I roughly bought the film a year ago from Sadly, stuff like this arrives to Spain late, very late or never, the reasons? Who knows!  Anyway, if you decide to buy it on line, take into account your DVD zone, to Europe I think is 2, otherwise you won't be able to watch the DVD. 

If you want to know my opinion, I liked it more than "An uncofortable truth". 

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Ten Commitments

... to stop climate change ...

First. Change your bulbs. A fluorescent bulb cuts down emissions about 400 kilos of CO2 a year.

Second. Drive less your car. Walk, pedal, share your car or use the bus. You'll save 1.5 kilos of CO2 per 5 kms without driving.

Third. Recycle more. You'll cut down 1000 kilos of CO2 recycling half of your rabbish.

Fourth. You'll check your tires. A good pressure cuts down the fuel consumption. Keep in mind that every litre of fuel releases 2.5 kilos of CO2.

Fifth. You'll cut down the consumption of warm water. If you have a low pressure shower, you'll avoid to release 3 tons of CO2 per year and to do the washing with cold water 225 kilos.

Sixth. You'll avoid to buy things with a lot of wrapping. Reducing 10% your rabbish will avoid the emission of 545 kilos of CO2 per year.

Seventh. You'll regulate the thermostat. 2ºC less in winter, 2ºC more in summer and you'll save 900 kilos of CO2 per year.

Eigth. You'll plant a tree. You'll get captured 1000 kilos of CO2.

Nineth. You'll switch off all your electric appliances which are not in use. TV, PC, DVD and Hi-Fi devices suppose the emission of several thousands of kilos of CO2 per year.

Tenth. You'll become part of the solution setting an example.

P.S. Thanks Paqui.