Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A New Order

At one time in 2004, I decided to put into practice a philosophy of life in which neither meat nor fish was alowed to be eaten or at least in its minimal quantity whenever necessary. There are several reasons, but a piece of news like Spain fleet catching underweight fish supports and supported my decission. And what's more, this post was written in 2007. The link I have just posted is dated in April this year so it seems that things haven't changed at all. I have more things to show but in Spanish, however, you can check Greenpeace's fish red list. I think politiciens and citizens have to be aware of the finite planet in which we live and that not everybody can go everywhere doing whatever they want not matter the price: money is not comestible.

Politiciens and society shouldn't think in an infinite growth when our planet and resources are completely finite. We are many, so many, that we shouldn't have overcome the figure of 3 billion people, that's the issue of exponential growth... To this problem is added a new one: uncontrolled exploitation of resources which will degenerate into something I don't want to think about if we don't put into movement just now. Maybe some people think this is an utopia, but the economic and technological market should be adapted to a new order different from a one which is based on young labor hand, which doesn't stop coming many new births with the aim to guarantee  pensions and the living standard. I know to carry out this idea will suppose deep changes in our society, perhaps so deep as they were in the industrial revolution which has degenerated into a fierce and savage capitalism.

I think there is not another way. If things don't change we will devour ourselves, and what is worst, we will destroy the rest of forms of life we find in our path and which share with us  this ship Mother Earth, forms of life which don't have nothing to do with our disagreements.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

People We Love :: Peter Marshall

From time to time I like speaking about anonymous (or at least not very famous) people who are making a difference and are not as frequently as we would like in the news. Here you have and example that I found in the magazine Yes!

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