Saturday, 30 January 2010

J. Crew

Recently I read a magazine report about how Heather Mills was fighting Jennifer López. As a result of this reading I have found that the battle seems to be finished: have a look at this. I also found more interesting information from here. The information shows you how humans treat and relate with other different forms of life. We really should be ashamed. A long way away has still to be done. You have the evidence in the video just below.

Monday, 25 January 2010

A Gift That Is Worth

Like father, like son. And it's a truth that children behave like parrots and do what they see. In other words: They follow suit. Last Xmas we gifted our niece and nephew a very special gift: a gift to adopt an animal in danger. So far I knew that the most threataned cat in the world was the iberian lynx, but thanks to the gift I've mentioned, what I didn't know was that there are also other cats facing extinction, at least, in a very situation alike. This is the case of the Amur Leopard. I think I won't be the only one who didn't know about this marvellous animal so I take advantage of this situation to spread the word out.

Here you have a link to the gift, another link to the people who are in the background and another to the WWF who have a report about the situation of this animal.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

emcg - Part I

It was 2007. I had been in a forum for two days in Madrid. It was the first forum about energy,municipality and climate change and there were several things I wanted to speak about and which I did in my spanish blog.

The event was fastly spread all over the country: Al Gore was on TV! He really was an attraction, the attraction of the day. The room was completely crowded, cameras and people everywhere and of course, among them, there were some to take only a picture next to the celebrity, what was really into play was something secondary. As a scientist said the following day: that seemed a circus.

The following day, during the speeching given by the abovementioned scientist, maybe we were a fourth part of the people during the previous day (during the evening we were a third). The scientist was right: there that day only stayed the people who really were interested in the issue. I felt a bit of rage in my deep down because surely there were some people who were really interested in attending the event and many of the tickets surely had been given to people not so much concerned, even nothing at all: as I said before, they only wanted the photo.

The good thing of this subject was that it contributed with new ideas and points of view to my knowledge, specifically things related with biofuels. The bad thing was that most of the event, in some way, was politized a lot, at least in my opinion. Here you are some figures:
  • Charity spokepersons: 2
  • Scientists: 3
  • Business men: 5
  • Politiciens or simmilar: 14
Now is the moment in which everyone has to get their conclusions... It's not a question of thinking it was politizied because there were a lot of politiciens , but because, except some of them, they did as many times do: they kept its retoric line, many intentions and no actions. Words that were carried by the wind and a shameful Copenhaguen submit, almost three years later, that has folowed suit.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Shame On You For Wearing Fur!

I can understand that people living in the wild have to get by both for wearing and clothing. What I can't understand is people living in this supposed civilized western world and wearing fur only for showing off. And I say showing off because we have another materials not made with fur to fight the cold. We don't need those shameful farms in which animals are kept and suffer in unhuman circumstancies, something that falls into the obscurity for the majority of the population.

Here you are a video to know what happens in the farms I mention. Buying fur in our world is unhuman, wretch and despicable. An image is worth than a thousand words. I send to the evidence.

Have a good day, others can't and suffer a hell in the silence.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

End of 2009: Year of the Gorilla

I know I arrive a bit late but what matters is the thought. Some days after having begun 2010 I would like to wish it to you.

Year after year, one that comes another that goes, that's life: someone comes, someone goes. I have taken advantage of the last post of the year to dedicate some words to the animal of the year 2009: The Gorilla.

This is not the first time I make a reference to this animal but sadly, this species like many other big mammals are on the brink of extinction and I think it is a moral obligation to me to remind my readers the nowadays situation of one of our nearer relatives in the Line of Evolution.

I always insist in the same words: The Change has to come out from everyone of us and this is usuful for different aspects of life. We don't have to wait for the Messiah, just live in the way we would like things to be. And of course I'm not the author of this quote, it is the philosopher Kant and it is something that I try to put into practice every day:

Act that your principle of action might safely be made a law for the whole world.

If continue reading, below you'll see I have left several links to information about the gorilla although we could reduce its problems to deforestation and it has three main causes:
  1. Search of wood for furniture for rich people (WE).

  2. Search of wood for cooking and meat for the ones who are very poor (THE OTHERS).

  3. Coltan minery for the posh people who want to change their mobile at a good clip (and I say mobiles for not saying more electronic devices).
So if you consider yourself a responsible person:
  • Buy wood when really necessary and take into account its origin. Look for FSC certificates or at least ask the shop assistant about any other warranties: Get the word out.
  • Reuse, try to buy second hand furniture. You can find some good oportunities with a bit of patience.
  • Calm down with your mobile and don't be so flashy, take profit of it for at least two years if possible and ask your mobile provider any kind of certification which shows that the coltan in your mobile has been taken out under environmental and social responsibility policies because not only elephants and gorillas are killed but also children and farmers are made slaves.
I also want to pay tribute to Dian Fossey who gave her life for defending these incredible animals and without her sacrifice gorillas would've been wiped out. Here you are some links: Wikipedia, the charity which takes her name and another where I've got the picture below.

We also have to pay tribute to Jane Goodall: link 1, link 2 and link 3. You are her foto below and one of her books made me think twice about the way I was conntected to the world and also made me give the first steps to become vegetarian.

Finally, as I paid tribute to the bucardo (link in English), I'd like to do the same with Digit because I think is not fair they fall into obscurity because of a world plenty of "noise", vanity, shallowness and greed. To those who don't know it, gorillas almost don't fight for food, their territory or mating, but leaders put into risk their lifes for trying to stand the group together. Digit was a leader whose loyalty to her family brought her to death when in 1977 she kept a tight rein on six pouchers and their dogs. Her death highlighted the inexorable human interference into the mountain gorillas habit in Central Africa. I hope Gaia has Digit in its glory and from this moment in our hearts.

In the name of gorillas (maybe they can't understand this lines but sign languaje) and mine, we would like to appreciate this time of reading and I sincerelly wish you a very happy 2010.

P.S. Here you are the link to the picture of Digit's tomb: click here.