Friday, 20 November 2009

Dying in the name of Science or Dying in the name of God?

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We're Not Alone

One weekend of January 2007 was one of those weekends which we enjoyed in good company. The Non-Profit Organization I belong celebrated the workgroups annual meeting and I think it was worth.

It was one of those occasions which suppose a lifeline for the moral. The fact to know that there are more people which share the same interests than you, makes you feel more supported, less alone, you know there are more people like you trying to do their bit and make of this world a better place.

Nobody knows but thanks to the... destiny? at random?... We got on well with people from Navarra, Alicante and Huelva, how cool!! Xabier, we laugh a lot with you, it was unforgottable but the most peculiar man was Pepe Cantó who with his hat reminded me of Indiana Jones. Pepe, we were left open-mouthed, astonished by the quantity of stories you spoke about, what's more, we couldn't believe at first what you were saying besides we were and are not used to people like you, with your courage. You remind us of the story of David and Goliath. In no one moment we had thought in the quantity of rubish and polution you are suffering in Huelva (I would light to highlight this point for general information). Thanks for the details of Aznalcóllar has it been an accident or not... Below you have some links to your work. Cheer up and good luck.

Atlantic Copper, Bomba de Relojería (both in Spanish).

Friday, 6 November 2009

A Warm Autumn

Last week I went to visit my parents. From time to time they have some new newspapers at home and what I do is to check them looking for something of environmental interest. The picture that you have above is what I found. It reminded me the words of a meteorologist at the end of a stifling summer: Next autumn will be warmer than normal... and it is.

I know here there are different readers from different countries and I don't know how weather has behaved in their respective places. I've got some comments from people living in places in which snow has arrived much before than normal but here hot stayed up to some days ago. In this part of Spain I could listen to the cicades in the middle of october (thing unusual at this late on in the year), even I saw some insects which should be already "sleeping". Respect to trees, most of the leaves are still green and with the first fresh air they have begun to change colour. Is the autumn definitely here? We hope so.