Sunday, 31 May 2009

Earth is NOT Ours...

... it is not our parent's heritage, it is our children's loan.

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

I decided to make a change in 2005. All my life I've had worries about the environment but, when registered to university in 2001, a new vision of life was opened to me. Thanks to another people I realized you only need two things: information and movement.

Today things have changed a lot. I joined a group of people to put into movement the Critical Mass in our city and, not only we have got that, but have created an NPO to promote the use of bicycles. I've participated in several protests against bullfighting and circuses and, with other people, are carrying on a study on roadkill. That's only some of the things I do. From here I tell you: Don't wait for others to make a change. Look at yourself and make things in the way you'd like the world to be.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Politiciens VS Planes

In 2007, the british minister Ian Person attacked the air companies' environmental irresponsibility. Two links here: the first and the second. It seemed that British, not only for this case but others, had taken more seriously the issue of climate change than others.

Up to that moment, I did know no politicien who had told so many crystal clear things in public respect to the air traffic polution. Respect to CO2 emissions, the percentage of air traffic is smaller if compared with emissions from roads, but it is expected to have it rising faster than any other mean of transport in the coming years. Some years ago I joined the cause: who pollutes pays. I can't agree with tickets to fly costing 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 euros or even less than 5 as I've seen some times. How is it possible to travel cheaper by plane than by train (at least in Spain)? How is it possible to be cheaper to distil a litre of gasoline than a litre of water? How is it possible so much permissiviness at the time of polluting?

In my opinion, the price of the ticket should start from a price figured from the number of trees that are needed to be planted in order to catch all the CO2 emitted during the journey. Obviously, the number of trees should be enough to catch all the CO2 in a number of reasonable years. From here, every company is free to establish its policy of prices. The term "low cost flights" shouldn't have never existed.