Thursday, 24 December 2009

Mery Xmas!!

I know there are people, although not many, who are not for these days of consumerism, thought which I understand and share. Nevertheless both today and tomorrow and the rest of the days of the year... I wish you the best.

As I say, in these days of execesses, although the culture in which we have been raised has made us to think the consumerist way we do, only for respect to those who don't have or almost don't have anythigng to eat, for a sustainable life and for respect to the planet and the other forms of life, I leave you some pieces of advice which I found revising some Greenpeace's information.
  • Eat less meat: Besides being good for your health, according to the FAO, livestock is responsible of 18% of the total emissions of greenhouse gases due to the enormous quantity of energy consumed along the production of fertilizers, logging of rainforests for grazing and soya harvesting, and last but not least, the enormous quantities of methane produced by the animals. In this point I would like to say that a recent research points out that the livestock contributes more than was expected to warm the planet. When I have thoroughly revised the document I will post a summary as always.
  • Opt for organic food: It's farmed without pesticides and fertilizers. It doesn't need foreigner feed and the cyclical methods of production for both livesotck and agriculture suppose less emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • Buy local and seasonal products: You will reduce them movement of goods and the heating of greenhouses.
What I have said: be happy today, tomorrow and always.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Copenhagen... Whe Have A Problem: Last Chance Lost

Someone told me before the Copenhagen event that it had many possibilities of failure and... finally he was right. The event is finished with a weak agreement (for not saying shameful). That's life and things are in the way they are. Who knows what the future is preparing to us! Let's cross our fingers and wait for Gaia's response.

I would like to thank from here the people who have been in the danish capital fighting for the cause. Thanks once more.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

FIgures For Thinking

Here you are some figures from 2007. I don't have any more information at the moment, but according with the little informaton I have, things haven't got better, as much they have slowed down. If somebody has an updated information I would appreciate to let it know here as a commment.

44 - The percentage of threatend species of birds in the planet.

62 - The percentage of aquatic birds, in the Asian continent, which are in decline or facing extinction.

80 - The percentage of ancient forests destroyed. You shouldn't be very brilliant to know that only 20% are left.

1000 - Number of times which rate of species extinction has been multiplied by. It is also the number of years to recover thoroughly from climate change (figure very important for future generations). - Number of rubish tonnes that are dumped into the rivers daily. Yes, you have read correctly.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Five Minutes In The Darkness

I got envolved in a voluntary black out in my city in February 2007. It was at 19:55. I was leaned on my window just to check how many people were getting envolved. I lost conciousnees of time for a while and began to go through my thoughts. Had I to summerise my brain storming I could do it with two words: Bush and Exxon.

Both terms go hand in hand or at list this is my thought. Let say that Bush would be the host and Exxon the parasite, or is it the opposite? I don't like speaking about politics in this blog, but when they affect the environment I can't help it. Mr. Bush, I haven't known, fortunate or disgracefully, many U.S. presidents, but I think you've been one of the worst. You've been the key for Exxon to roam freely, not only collaborating with the environmental disaster we are going to face but with the supposed manipulation of the climate change reports. It's incredible what people are for with the intention of being loaded, a benefit for a few and a big mortgage for millions (no humans included).

You'll be remembered for ages but not for being good people. Now your duty is to finish convincing people that climate change is a one more cycle of nature and not the result of eating up the resources of the planet thanks to you and your mates.

You are so poor that the only thing you have is money, and money, is not eatable.

Mr. Bush, have a good day.

P.S. Here you are two links with further information: Royal Society & Exxon, Exxon Cuts Fundings.