Monday, 24 September 2012

Uncomfortable Truths: Why Spain Is Different

Five years ago I read an interview that was made to Mr José Santamarta, director of the Worldwatch Institute in Spain. After reading such interview I could not help to think about his words and came to my mind ... "to vary they are pulling our leg". The thing is that they are not only pulling our leg but also we are beginning to assume the abnormal as normal and the opposite: to assume the normal as abnormal.

Some of you will wonder: what did Mr José say? First, he said a thing that is in the thought of many (hopefully many): "The big infrastructures lend themselves to corruption more than other public business but of course they are more photogenic, it is, to cut the tape or lay the foundation stone before the elections is for some politicians far more necessary than modest and transparent investments in education, culture and healing. " 

On the other hand you have some facts that are not so promoted. I don't know if it happens because of neglect or because somehow they are uncomfortable truths... "According to the Worldwatch report a highway carries 2,500 people per hour, a bus line from 5000-8000, a tram or bus with a dedicated lane10,000 to 20,000, and the subway and commuter rail transport 50,000 people per hour, 20 times more than a highway. ". 

Now the question is: who matters that? Hei man, let things go hang...