Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Party Of The Crime

This is my country or better said, the place I was born because with such terrible activities happening I'd better say I am ashamed of this land. I came across in Facebook the link and picture you have below.

Fortunately, the barbarism begins to be known around the world.

And now a video made by spaniards who are fed up with bullfighting and show you the real side of what is wrongly known as "fiesta". Some comments are subtitled in English but the point are the images. Have you ever been told about a bull throwing up blood? Haven't you? So that's your opportunity. Enjoy it! If you can...

Monday, 21 June 2010

Something Typical in a Typical Spain

If there's something that continues being typical in this sunny country of the 21st century, this is debris. It has become part of the environment and in fact, it is strange to go for a walk to the countryside without seeing somewhere a pile of debris, cans, pastic bags or things alike. I remember traveling by train along five states and it didn't pass much time between "sightings".

You or I could think this is not happening in such a civilized country like Spain, but it seems that changes in our way of thinking will take a long time despite it offers a sad image of us spaniards.

Here you are some videos with two examples. The first in Madrid and the second in Avilés. Perhaps some of you don't understand spanish but I think an image is worth a thousand words.

Some more information about in English.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Money Is The Root of All Evil

You could read on Sunday 18th, 2007, in a well-known spanish magazine the following article:


Do you want to see how I finish up with the Prestige's oil spill?, question. The magician gets a glass, fills it up with water and adds a bit of oil. Over the oil layer some magic dust is poured and we wait for 30 minutes. Bit by bit the oil becomes hardened and the final mix gets the bottom of the glass."When any kind of oil is floating on the surface, before getting the coast, we poured over it the magic dust, which by the way is very cheap and in 15 seconds time, it sinks up to the bottom and becomes a rock. Neither stains nor dirties". The solution was offered to the Government... but no answer was given. The solution was also offered to some galician majors but, do you know what was the answer? If only we had a Prestige every five years! With the subsidies fishermen prefer continuing playing dominoes.

I think the answer is truthful enough even we put it into practice in different scenerarios of oil spills. My question is now, will the politiciens who give the subsidies have read this text? Something to say about? The invent of the magic dust is not new at all but older are the irresponsability and the carelessness.