Monday, 21 June 2010

Something Typical in a Typical Spain

If there's something that continues being typical in this sunny country of the 21st century, this is debris. It has become part of the environment and in fact, it is strange to go for a walk to the countryside without seeing somewhere a pile of debris, cans, pastic bags or things alike. I remember traveling by train along five states and it didn't pass much time between "sightings".

You or I could think this is not happening in such a civilized country like Spain, but it seems that changes in our way of thinking will take a long time despite it offers a sad image of us spaniards.

Here you are some videos with two examples. The first in Madrid and the second in Avilés. Perhaps some of you don't understand spanish but I think an image is worth a thousand words.

Some more information about in English.

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