Thursday, 24 December 2009

Mery Xmas!!

I know there are people, although not many, who are not for these days of consumerism, thought which I understand and share. Nevertheless both today and tomorrow and the rest of the days of the year... I wish you the best.

As I say, in these days of execesses, although the culture in which we have been raised has made us to think the consumerist way we do, only for respect to those who don't have or almost don't have anythigng to eat, for a sustainable life and for respect to the planet and the other forms of life, I leave you some pieces of advice which I found revising some Greenpeace's information.
  • Eat less meat: Besides being good for your health, according to the FAO, livestock is responsible of 18% of the total emissions of greenhouse gases due to the enormous quantity of energy consumed along the production of fertilizers, logging of rainforests for grazing and soya harvesting, and last but not least, the enormous quantities of methane produced by the animals. In this point I would like to say that a recent research points out that the livestock contributes more than was expected to warm the planet. When I have thoroughly revised the document I will post a summary as always.
  • Opt for organic food: It's farmed without pesticides and fertilizers. It doesn't need foreigner feed and the cyclical methods of production for both livesotck and agriculture suppose less emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • Buy local and seasonal products: You will reduce them movement of goods and the heating of greenhouses.
What I have said: be happy today, tomorrow and always.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Copenhagen... Whe Have A Problem: Last Chance Lost

Someone told me before the Copenhagen event that it had many possibilities of failure and... finally he was right. The event is finished with a weak agreement (for not saying shameful). That's life and things are in the way they are. Who knows what the future is preparing to us! Let's cross our fingers and wait for Gaia's response.

I would like to thank from here the people who have been in the danish capital fighting for the cause. Thanks once more.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

FIgures For Thinking

Here you are some figures from 2007. I don't have any more information at the moment, but according with the little informaton I have, things haven't got better, as much they have slowed down. If somebody has an updated information I would appreciate to let it know here as a commment.

44 - The percentage of threatend species of birds in the planet.

62 - The percentage of aquatic birds, in the Asian continent, which are in decline or facing extinction.

80 - The percentage of ancient forests destroyed. You shouldn't be very brilliant to know that only 20% are left.

1000 - Number of times which rate of species extinction has been multiplied by. It is also the number of years to recover thoroughly from climate change (figure very important for future generations). - Number of rubish tonnes that are dumped into the rivers daily. Yes, you have read correctly.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Five Minutes In The Darkness

I got envolved in a voluntary black out in my city in February 2007. It was at 19:55. I was leaned on my window just to check how many people were getting envolved. I lost conciousnees of time for a while and began to go through my thoughts. Had I to summerise my brain storming I could do it with two words: Bush and Exxon.

Both terms go hand in hand or at list this is my thought. Let say that Bush would be the host and Exxon the parasite, or is it the opposite? I don't like speaking about politics in this blog, but when they affect the environment I can't help it. Mr. Bush, I haven't known, fortunate or disgracefully, many U.S. presidents, but I think you've been one of the worst. You've been the key for Exxon to roam freely, not only collaborating with the environmental disaster we are going to face but with the supposed manipulation of the climate change reports. It's incredible what people are for with the intention of being loaded, a benefit for a few and a big mortgage for millions (no humans included).

You'll be remembered for ages but not for being good people. Now your duty is to finish convincing people that climate change is a one more cycle of nature and not the result of eating up the resources of the planet thanks to you and your mates.

You are so poor that the only thing you have is money, and money, is not eatable.

Mr. Bush, have a good day.

P.S. Here you are two links with further information: Royal Society & Exxon, Exxon Cuts Fundings.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Dying in the name of Science or Dying in the name of God?

Click here to find more information about the issue.

We're Not Alone

One weekend of January 2007 was one of those weekends which we enjoyed in good company. The Non-Profit Organization I belong celebrated the workgroups annual meeting and I think it was worth.

It was one of those occasions which suppose a lifeline for the moral. The fact to know that there are more people which share the same interests than you, makes you feel more supported, less alone, you know there are more people like you trying to do their bit and make of this world a better place.

Nobody knows but thanks to the... destiny? at random?... We got on well with people from Navarra, Alicante and Huelva, how cool!! Xabier, we laugh a lot with you, it was unforgottable but the most peculiar man was Pepe Cantó who with his hat reminded me of Indiana Jones. Pepe, we were left open-mouthed, astonished by the quantity of stories you spoke about, what's more, we couldn't believe at first what you were saying besides we were and are not used to people like you, with your courage. You remind us of the story of David and Goliath. In no one moment we had thought in the quantity of rubish and polution you are suffering in Huelva (I would light to highlight this point for general information). Thanks for the details of Aznalcóllar has it been an accident or not... Below you have some links to your work. Cheer up and good luck.

Atlantic Copper, Bomba de Relojería (both in Spanish).

Friday, 6 November 2009

A Warm Autumn

Last week I went to visit my parents. From time to time they have some new newspapers at home and what I do is to check them looking for something of environmental interest. The picture that you have above is what I found. It reminded me the words of a meteorologist at the end of a stifling summer: Next autumn will be warmer than normal... and it is.

I know here there are different readers from different countries and I don't know how weather has behaved in their respective places. I've got some comments from people living in places in which snow has arrived much before than normal but here hot stayed up to some days ago. In this part of Spain I could listen to the cicades in the middle of october (thing unusual at this late on in the year), even I saw some insects which should be already "sleeping". Respect to trees, most of the leaves are still green and with the first fresh air they have begun to change colour. Is the autumn definitely here? We hope so.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A New Order

At one time in 2004, I decided to put into practice a philosophy of life in which neither meat nor fish was alowed to be eaten or at least in its minimal quantity whenever necessary. There are several reasons, but a piece of news like Spain fleet catching underweight fish supports and supported my decission. And what's more, this post was written in 2007. The link I have just posted is dated in April this year so it seems that things haven't changed at all. I have more things to show but in Spanish, however, you can check Greenpeace's fish red list. I think politiciens and citizens have to be aware of the finite planet in which we live and that not everybody can go everywhere doing whatever they want not matter the price: money is not comestible.

Politiciens and society shouldn't think in an infinite growth when our planet and resources are completely finite. We are many, so many, that we shouldn't have overcome the figure of 3 billion people, that's the issue of exponential growth... To this problem is added a new one: uncontrolled exploitation of resources which will degenerate into something I don't want to think about if we don't put into movement just now. Maybe some people think this is an utopia, but the economic and technological market should be adapted to a new order different from a one which is based on young labor hand, which doesn't stop coming many new births with the aim to guarantee  pensions and the living standard. I know to carry out this idea will suppose deep changes in our society, perhaps so deep as they were in the industrial revolution which has degenerated into a fierce and savage capitalism.

I think there is not another way. If things don't change we will devour ourselves, and what is worst, we will destroy the rest of forms of life we find in our path and which share with us  this ship Mother Earth, forms of life which don't have nothing to do with our disagreements.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

People We Love :: Peter Marshall

From time to time I like speaking about anonymous (or at least not very famous) people who are making a difference and are not as frequently as we would like in the news. Here you have and example that I found in the magazine Yes!

Shared via AddThis

Monday, 28 September 2009


As usual, I don't have enough time to post all the information I receive and from time to time it gets lost among among hundreds of emails. This time the information is about dolphins in captivity and something else... At the very beginning I didn't understand why some people were against zoos and things like. Now, I've been for several years without visiting a place in which any kind of animal is captive and more if it is for making money.

I titled this post Delay because the issue I mentione was released with a film wich now is not in the theatres but in december we'll have the opportunity to buy the DVD and help the cause at the same time. Here you have the piece of news I received and the Amazon link to pre-order the film. Now I leave you a video for you to have an idea about what I'm speaking about.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

What's Up With Wind Mills?

Some times people wonder if so many windmill is something good. It seems that some of them don't like that some trees are cut down to put into place those machines or once working kill some birds hitting them with their sails.

Of course, that's not my cup of tea but now I bring up a question: People who think that about wind mills have ever thought about how the oil is extracted from the bottom of the sea? Has any one of them thought about all the dangerous situations from the point of extraction to the point of manufacturing? Oil is a big deal in relation with all the aspects in its handling. Here you are three examples: One, Two and Three. One more thing: How to find oil. I think nobody will think that oil is looked for like water diviners (people with a stick and so on). Nothing to have with that. You have to produce detonations in the bottom of the sea to find oil and... What supposes that? Everybody knows that the sound wave travels in the air at 340 m/s but in the water ir travels at 1400m/s, I think you get it... It becomes a killing wave because several hundred meters around it many animals can be seriously injured even killed (try to speak about that to divers...) . You have one example with cetaceans. Many of them are beached because the wave destroys either their ears or their entrails. And speaking on cetaceans that's not the only problem, they also have to face the sonar of the submarines but this seems to have a near solution. Any way, the ocenas are so big that... Out of sight, out of mind.

Swedish people, as nordic and good observers they are, say that birds become adopted to the wind mills. It seems that there are some reliable studies that confirm the question, thing that very, very probably won't happen with marine fauna and oil related explosions. There's no perfect system to produce energy, at least at the moment, but in general, wind power has more good thigs to offer than bad.

My point of view is that we are living in an age of transition and at the same time of destruction. I think things are not changing at the speed needed and maybe destrucition is ahead. Meanwhile, we have to deal with a mix of sources of energy and wait for what should be the solution: fusion power and hydrogen batteries.

P.S. Take into account that this post was written in January 2007. Some time later, I read that the idea of getting all the energy we need from the sun of the desert could be real but this is staff for another post, don't you think so?. Maybe nanotechnology has the key ;)

Saturday, 15 August 2009

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

We are used to the nice puppy which appears on TV advertising Scottex, one of the products of one of the biggest destroyers of ancient forests in the world: Kimberly-Clark. Greenpeace have been fighting the policy of the company since at least 2004 and, finally, both have got an agreement thanks to which by the end of 2011, Kimberly will begin to carry out a greener policy which takes into account the FSC policy (100% FSC? Who knows!).

I leave you a Greenpeace's video against the company which squatters this post and some more related links.

The links:

Despite what I have said, I have my own compromise with the forests:
  • Fisrt, I ask myself if it is completely necessary to use paper.
  • Second, in case I finally needed paper, I'd use recycled for everything and in case it wasn't possible because of circumstancies, I would try to find some made from other sustanaible sources like FSC (the most restrictive) or PFEC among others.

That's all for today friends.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Stop On The Trail

This late on in the summer, I don't know if there will be somebody going for a round by here and as I like having readers updated, I would like to tell them that is very probable not to have the blog updated on a regular basis up to middle of September. Circumstancies at present don't allow me to access to the Net on a regular basis given that I am in the middle of nowhere involved in an environmental issue. In any case, I will try to do my best to post something from time to time.

Greetings to everybody and have a nice summer.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Our planet is large, more or less large if compared with the rest of the planets of the Solar System. It is large but we only have seven species of sea turtles and all of them are threatend. Since Finding Nemo turtles have become more famous, what's more, we have given to them charisma and that's good for conservation.

Many are the dangers that turtles have to face: drift fishing, plastic bags, trawling, nets, etc. Some people could think that turtles are silly animals that are usuless for the ecosystems but nothing more wrong:
  • They are little ecosystems in movement.
  • They are pollution bioindicators.
  • They control another species as jellyfish or sponges which can threaten other species even whole ecosystems like corals.
So we already have some reasons to increase our care for sea turtles. In case you find some of them in the seashore because you could think they are ill, the easiest way to help them is to dial the emergency number. Maybe in some places you have another ways but this is the general one. Here you have some clues to give the accuratest information about the animal:

  1. If she or he is completely quiet, taking a lot of care, touch their eye. Until the last breath of life they respond to your finger in their eyes.
  2. Problem number one with flotation: they float more in one side (left or right). They have breathing problems, maybe an infection in their lungs or something so.
  3. Problem number two with flotation: they float more in the rear part or viceversa. Maybe they are having problems with their digestive system.
I have given you several reasons to preserve sea turtles and a few clues about how to react in case of emergency. Ups! Another thing, if possible, up to the moment in which the emergency service arrive to the place, you can soak your towel and keep wet the legs of the turtle. Remember they normally live in the oceans and their skin needs humidity.

To come to an end, here you are a video to make awareness of the problem that we and they are facing.

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

This Is Serious - Part III

In January 2007, some news were about a mild-winter in Russia. That happened some weeks after I came back to Spain from my holidays in Finland.

It seemed that in Russia, like in Finland, some people were also surprised of those mild temperatures. The fact that event happened at a hemisphere scale, made us to understand it as not anything exceptional. It is true that, at a local scale, there have been, there are  and there will be colder and warmer winters, but when something happens at a much bigger scale... It should make us to think.

Just now, in the summer 2009 in the North hemisphere, I pray Gaia for polar bears which could be fighting for survival given the lack of ice that every summer is bigger. You rich countries, shame on you for a free ice Artic Ocean in the coming years.

P.S. The picture is set in the Moscu's Read Square, without snow, in January 2007. I got it from a spanish piece of news.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Why On Earth?

Maybe this is the first time I speak on this blog about poisoning and the tragedy it supposes when liberated in the environment. Here in Spain we still have some problems but not as many as some years ago.

If you kill an animal by poisoning, at least, the following four animals that eat its meat or the animals that eat the animals that have eaten such a meat, are going to die. Poisoning doesn't know about boundaries and imagine what a horrible death.... Here you have some interesting links about this issue:
And now I leave you the video that made me to create this post. Remember this is not sci-fi, that's happening in many parts of the world.

Do you want to stop poisoning? In that case, please, sign here.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Take Tuna Off Your Menu

I don't know if it has happened in this blog or in the spanish one, but it's not the first time I speak about the awkward situation in which the tuna is. I also know that spaniards and japanese are the most tuna meat demanding countries but everybody has to be aware of what is happening. Regrettably, at this stage of the tuna's situation, the only way politicians and tuna's hunterers will get the message will be by not buying any more. So think twice before buying a product derived from tuna, I'm not pulling your leg, bringing to extinction such important predators we are destabilizing entire ecosystimes and being selfish, putting our food resources in danger and out of control.

I leave you a video in which not only you can see the problem with the tuna but also with another species, because the most of our fishing methods are not selective, they kill everything they find in their path.

Here you have the latest news about the problem: click here and an Oceana's report.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Destruction At Your Feet

I can and I must accept that an indian or a native wear shoes made of leather as a consequence of their hunter-gathering life. What I shouldn't accept is that we, supposed civilized people, make an abuse of that, not only because in the way we keep and kill animals but moreover we are destroying rain forests. As I have said many times, to be many people is not a question of space but resources.

In any case, if you continue wearing shoes made of leather, at least try them to last as much as possible and sign the petition I link below the video. Sign the petition to ask shoes makers to be more careful whith their methods of production. It's a good idea to have a business to earn money, but not at any price, it is also important to be res-pon-si-ble. And by the way, have you ever thought how many shoes makers produce in the poorest countries and sell their products in the richest? Are they pulling our leg?

That's all for today.

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Earth is NOT Ours...

... it is not our parent's heritage, it is our children's loan.

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

I decided to make a change in 2005. All my life I've had worries about the environment but, when registered to university in 2001, a new vision of life was opened to me. Thanks to another people I realized you only need two things: information and movement.

Today things have changed a lot. I joined a group of people to put into movement the Critical Mass in our city and, not only we have got that, but have created an NPO to promote the use of bicycles. I've participated in several protests against bullfighting and circuses and, with other people, are carrying on a study on roadkill. That's only some of the things I do. From here I tell you: Don't wait for others to make a change. Look at yourself and make things in the way you'd like the world to be.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Politiciens VS Planes

In 2007, the british minister Ian Person attacked the air companies' environmental irresponsibility. Two links here: the first and the second. It seemed that British, not only for this case but others, had taken more seriously the issue of climate change than others.

Up to that moment, I did know no politicien who had told so many crystal clear things in public respect to the air traffic polution. Respect to CO2 emissions, the percentage of air traffic is smaller if compared with emissions from roads, but it is expected to have it rising faster than any other mean of transport in the coming years. Some years ago I joined the cause: who pollutes pays. I can't agree with tickets to fly costing 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 euros or even less than 5 as I've seen some times. How is it possible to travel cheaper by plane than by train (at least in Spain)? How is it possible to be cheaper to distil a litre of gasoline than a litre of water? How is it possible so much permissiviness at the time of polluting?

In my opinion, the price of the ticket should start from a price figured from the number of trees that are needed to be planted in order to catch all the CO2 emitted during the journey. Obviously, the number of trees should be enough to catch all the CO2 in a number of reasonable years. From here, every company is free to establish its policy of prices. The term "low cost flights" shouldn't have never existed.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Something You Should

Something I usually do when I go abroad, is to buy an English book about any subject related with climate change or the state of the planet. In this way, I found in Paris the book whose cover you can see on the left.

And what special thing has this book that many others don't? The first thing is the content. The second is that you can downloaded it for free. I think you can't lose such a opportunity to read a book with points of view that not everybody has. Give yourself the opportunity to see in another direction.

I will let you here some quotes from the Preface to have an idea of what you are going to read, if you do, of course.

Our world is changing fast.When Plan B 2.0 went to press two years ago, the data on ice melting were worrying. Now they are scary....

By 2030, when China's income per person is projected to match that in the United States today, China will be consuming twice as much paper as the world currently produces. If in 2030 the country's 1.46 billion people have three cars for every four people, U.S. style, China will have 1.1 billion cars. And it will consuming 98 million barrels of oil per day, well above current world production...

The challenge for our generation is to build a new economy, one that is powered largely by renewable sources of energy, that has a highly diversified transpor system, and that reuses and recycles everything. And to do it with unprecented speed...

In the following paragraph you have four of the mainstay of my religion... There are four overriding goals in Plan B 3.0: stabilizing climate, stabilizing population, erradicating poverty and restoring earth's ecosystems....

I don't want this post to be longer, so I'm going to finish with the following quote of the book: We have the technologies to restructure the world energy economy and stabilize climate. The challenge now is to build the political will to do so. Saving civilization is not a spectator sport. Each of us has a leading role to play.

Have a nice weekend.

P.S. If you decide to print the book, please, do it using recycled paper and if impossible, buy the book, it is printed that way. Save trees. Respect the Planet.

Friday, 10 April 2009

The Prophecy

I know the picture is a bit gloomy, but I think it takes your attention... Just as some scientists intend respect to climate change. In December 4th, 2007, I wrote a post in which I commented how bad lucky we were in our last travel to Finland, given that the weather played a dirty trick on us and there was neither ice nor snow.  In that post I also commented that if winters were going to be every time warmer in the North, I didn't want to think how hot summers were going to be in the South (of Europe of course). Here you have two links I have just found: the first and the second (the old link I have is in Spanish and sometimes the website fails, that's why I have looked for something similar in English).  

Monday, 23 March 2009

Don't Look Away

Problems are not cleared up without facing them. The solution is in our hands. I know you'd rather prefer being happy but humanity has been living a party for two hundred years. Now it's the moment to make up our mind and make a change, a deep change. What are you waiting for? Regrettably, what you see below is, once more, not sci-fi.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Never's too Late to Mend

From time to time I surf the web looking for information which I think is worth spreading it. One example of it is the trailer I leave here. I roughly bought the film a year ago from Sadly, stuff like this arrives to Spain late, very late or never, the reasons? Who knows!  Anyway, if you decide to buy it on line, take into account your DVD zone, to Europe I think is 2, otherwise you won't be able to watch the DVD. 

If you want to know my opinion, I liked it more than "An uncofortable truth". 

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Ten Commitments

... to stop climate change ...

First. Change your bulbs. A fluorescent bulb cuts down emissions about 400 kilos of CO2 a year.

Second. Drive less your car. Walk, pedal, share your car or use the bus. You'll save 1.5 kilos of CO2 per 5 kms without driving.

Third. Recycle more. You'll cut down 1000 kilos of CO2 recycling half of your rabbish.

Fourth. You'll check your tires. A good pressure cuts down the fuel consumption. Keep in mind that every litre of fuel releases 2.5 kilos of CO2.

Fifth. You'll cut down the consumption of warm water. If you have a low pressure shower, you'll avoid to release 3 tons of CO2 per year and to do the washing with cold water 225 kilos.

Sixth. You'll avoid to buy things with a lot of wrapping. Reducing 10% your rabbish will avoid the emission of 545 kilos of CO2 per year.

Seventh. You'll regulate the thermostat. 2ºC less in winter, 2ºC more in summer and you'll save 900 kilos of CO2 per year.

Eigth. You'll plant a tree. You'll get captured 1000 kilos of CO2.

Nineth. You'll switch off all your electric appliances which are not in use. TV, PC, DVD and Hi-Fi devices suppose the emission of several thousands of kilos of CO2 per year.

Tenth. You'll become part of the solution setting an example.

P.S. Thanks Paqui.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Reasons for not Visiting the Circus

Ten days ago, the following issue broke out in the spanish press: A Circus was sent to Court because of animal abuse at the USA. Here you have the comments I posted.

"For quite a while, I duly get involved into protests to close circus which use animals in their spectacles. Many of you could think what a bad thing may be a circus. The Circus itself has nothing bad, but I think is not a place for an animal and much less to do what it is obliged to do. Circus without any animals are completely possible, in fact, I've been twice in that type of spectacles, so experience supports what I'm saying. I think we should change our way of thinking: things are in the way they are because it's custom and customs shouldn't be changed...
I let you a video related to the piece of news. I don't know if it is the first time that something like this happens at the USA but, anyway, it's an important step to defend animal rights. When will spaniards have a judge to take the country to Court for our National Party?"

Sunday, 15 February 2009

2050 minus 2040 equal to 10

Masters say that, if something is difficult to have under control, that is an exponential increment of something. Here you two examples: the incresase of population and climate change. Like in many aspects of life, in terms of climate change you can find two different groups: the group of optimistic people (mid-full bottle) and the group of pessimistic people (mid-empty bottle).

The ones of the second group estimate that "the triggers" of the climate are already working. To say it in another words: problems will worse in a linear way and suddenly... maybe some day... will happen lots of "bad things" faster than saying Jack and Robinson, no matter the consequences it brings...

Some time ago it was told that by 2100 the North Pole would be navigable in summer (to happiness of that ones that only have and want piles of money). Later, it was told that it would happened by 2080, afterwards 2050 then 2040. Things seem to go faster than some scientists thought, so allow me to include here that group of people who always say "we won't see it". I've been collecting for a time pieces of news about environmental issues and, in the moment I wrote this post, maybe one year and a half or more, I found two interesting things but they were written in Spanish. In spite of it, I post you two simmilar pieces of news but in English: one and two. Think about it and act in consequence. You are what you do and not what you say.

Good evening.

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Things Looking Up For Polar Bear

It's never too late to mend. In that way I would also have titled this post because at first sight, what Mr. Bush some time agreed with his colleagues, today is mended by Mr. Obama. Here you have a piece of information sometime ago. I've got the information below  from an e-newsletter of the Center for Biological Diversity.

"In the days since the inauguration of President Obama, the outlook for polar bears and the global climate has dramatically improved. For one thing, nine states -- including California, Oregon, New York, and Massachusetts -- have joined a Center for Biological Diversity lawsuit to overturn the Bush administration's order prohibiting federal agencies from protecting polar bears from global warming through the Endangered Species Act. In addition, the Obama administration has ordered all federal agencies to consider settling lawsuits filed against Bush policies (many of which, ahem, were brought by the Center) instead of defending the bad actions in court. Hopefully our new president -- who's already pushing for enforcement of fuel-efficiency standards and a stimulus package that would help green energy -- will decide to reverse Bush's polar bear-killing policies."

And to add some more information, here you have two links: the first and the second.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Sever Suzuki - You Are What You Do and Not What You Say

One of the aims of this blog, is giving knowledge of the people who are able of  doing something for this blue ball, lost somewhere in Universe, and make of it a more worthy place to live. In this way, today is the turn to Sever Suzuki, who in spite of being a teenager in the video, more than one who was in the room was uncomfortable, or at least something inside them began to move before such an amazing speech. I'm not going to give you more explanations because when you listen to her, you will get the message, it is, the point. In another words: the message is excellent.

The same thing that happened in such room, I hope to be happened at least with one of you when watching the video.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Something Happened in Las Vegas

CES is the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow. With the digital conversion deadline approaching next month, these undead TV Zombies and their toxins are lurking around Las Vegas hoping to get a hold of some of the shiny new electronics on display.

Thanks to the impending zombie invasion, it seems that Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba have finally stepped up to the plate by announcing, last January 9th, that they will launch a 50-state recycling program by the end of the month.

Get more information by clicking here