Friday, 27 February 2009

Reasons for not Visiting the Circus

Ten days ago, the following issue broke out in the spanish press: A Circus was sent to Court because of animal abuse at the USA. Here you have the comments I posted.

"For quite a while, I duly get involved into protests to close circus which use animals in their spectacles. Many of you could think what a bad thing may be a circus. The Circus itself has nothing bad, but I think is not a place for an animal and much less to do what it is obliged to do. Circus without any animals are completely possible, in fact, I've been twice in that type of spectacles, so experience supports what I'm saying. I think we should change our way of thinking: things are in the way they are because it's custom and customs shouldn't be changed...
I let you a video related to the piece of news. I don't know if it is the first time that something like this happens at the USA but, anyway, it's an important step to defend animal rights. When will spaniards have a judge to take the country to Court for our National Party?"

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