Saturday, 13 April 2013

Revulsion buy Leo

That's what I feel when I sometimes read something about my human mates. I don't know in another countries but this is one in which sometimes is normal to get agreements by shooting, crooking or trampling in the most literal meaning of the word. I many times think that most of us have the head just for wearing a hat. This is Franska's story...

Thanks Leo for the information you provided me some years ago.

Who killed bear Franska?

Franska had many enemies. Sheperds said she had killed more than one hundred sheeps around the villages of the area. At the Pyrenees, where brown bear became extinct many years ago, there's no much food for a plantigrade in need of fat in order to survive the winter. She was never welcomed. Her mate, Palouma, was killed by an "accidental shoot" some months after having been released. Both Palouma and Franska were taken from Slovenia to the French Pyrinees thanks to a European programme for reintroducing bears in such place, a program wich in 2007 was declared as failure.

Franskwa was found hit dead by a car. At the beginning it was declared as an accident as Palouma's shoot but the autosy revealed that someone was in charge of making it look like an accident. It was finally accepted that the she bear was intentionally hit by a car... twice. But the most "curious" is that... before being hit by the car... she was shot several times... perhaps accidentally also...

The autopsy also revealed another secret: Franska was 17 years old. She was not 7 as the Slovenian Government said when she was given with the aim to repopulate. A difficult task to such an old bear.