Saturday, 31 January 2009

Things Looking Up For Polar Bear

It's never too late to mend. In that way I would also have titled this post because at first sight, what Mr. Bush some time agreed with his colleagues, today is mended by Mr. Obama. Here you have a piece of information sometime ago. I've got the information below  from an e-newsletter of the Center for Biological Diversity.

"In the days since the inauguration of President Obama, the outlook for polar bears and the global climate has dramatically improved. For one thing, nine states -- including California, Oregon, New York, and Massachusetts -- have joined a Center for Biological Diversity lawsuit to overturn the Bush administration's order prohibiting federal agencies from protecting polar bears from global warming through the Endangered Species Act. In addition, the Obama administration has ordered all federal agencies to consider settling lawsuits filed against Bush policies (many of which, ahem, were brought by the Center) instead of defending the bad actions in court. Hopefully our new president -- who's already pushing for enforcement of fuel-efficiency standards and a stimulus package that would help green energy -- will decide to reverse Bush's polar bear-killing policies."

And to add some more information, here you have two links: the first and the second.

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