Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Sever Suzuki - You Are What You Do and Not What You Say

One of the aims of this blog, is giving knowledge of the people who are able of  doing something for this blue ball, lost somewhere in Universe, and make of it a more worthy place to live. In this way, today is the turn to Sever Suzuki, who in spite of being a teenager in the video, more than one who was in the room was uncomfortable, or at least something inside them began to move before such an amazing speech. I'm not going to give you more explanations because when you listen to her, you will get the message, it is, the point. In another words: the message is excellent.

The same thing that happened in such room, I hope to be happened at least with one of you when watching the video.


NEVOT said...

No comment

Perico said...

A word is enough to the wise.

See you ;)