Thursday, 18 June 2009

Take Tuna Off Your Menu

I don't know if it has happened in this blog or in the spanish one, but it's not the first time I speak about the awkward situation in which the tuna is. I also know that spaniards and japanese are the most tuna meat demanding countries but everybody has to be aware of what is happening. Regrettably, at this stage of the tuna's situation, the only way politicians and tuna's hunterers will get the message will be by not buying any more. So think twice before buying a product derived from tuna, I'm not pulling your leg, bringing to extinction such important predators we are destabilizing entire ecosystimes and being selfish, putting our food resources in danger and out of control.

I leave you a video in which not only you can see the problem with the tuna but also with another species, because the most of our fishing methods are not selective, they kill everything they find in their path.

Here you have the latest news about the problem: click here and an Oceana's report.

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