Tuesday, 8 September 2009

What's Up With Wind Mills?

Some times people wonder if so many windmill is something good. It seems that some of them don't like that some trees are cut down to put into place those machines or once working kill some birds hitting them with their sails.

Of course, that's not my cup of tea but now I bring up a question: People who think that about wind mills have ever thought about how the oil is extracted from the bottom of the sea? Has any one of them thought about all the dangerous situations from the point of extraction to the point of manufacturing? Oil is a big deal in relation with all the aspects in its handling. Here you are three examples: One, Two and Three. One more thing: How to find oil. I think nobody will think that oil is looked for like water diviners (people with a stick and so on). Nothing to have with that. You have to produce detonations in the bottom of the sea to find oil and... What supposes that? Everybody knows that the sound wave travels in the air at 340 m/s but in the water ir travels at 1400m/s, I think you get it... It becomes a killing wave because several hundred meters around it many animals can be seriously injured even killed (try to speak about that to divers...) . You have one example with cetaceans. Many of them are beached because the wave destroys either their ears or their entrails. And speaking on cetaceans that's not the only problem, they also have to face the sonar of the submarines but this seems to have a near solution. Any way, the ocenas are so big that... Out of sight, out of mind.

Swedish people, as nordic and good observers they are, say that birds become adopted to the wind mills. It seems that there are some reliable studies that confirm the question, thing that very, very probably won't happen with marine fauna and oil related explosions. There's no perfect system to produce energy, at least at the moment, but in general, wind power has more good thigs to offer than bad.

My point of view is that we are living in an age of transition and at the same time of destruction. I think things are not changing at the speed needed and maybe destrucition is ahead. Meanwhile, we have to deal with a mix of sources of energy and wait for what should be the solution: fusion power and hydrogen batteries.

P.S. Take into account that this post was written in January 2007. Some time later, I read that the idea of getting all the energy we need from the sun of the desert could be real but this is staff for another post, don't you think so?. Maybe nanotechnology has the key ;)

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