Saturday, 19 December 2009

FIgures For Thinking

Here you are some figures from 2007. I don't have any more information at the moment, but according with the little informaton I have, things haven't got better, as much they have slowed down. If somebody has an updated information I would appreciate to let it know here as a commment.

44 - The percentage of threatend species of birds in the planet.

62 - The percentage of aquatic birds, in the Asian continent, which are in decline or facing extinction.

80 - The percentage of ancient forests destroyed. You shouldn't be very brilliant to know that only 20% are left.

1000 - Number of times which rate of species extinction has been multiplied by. It is also the number of years to recover thoroughly from climate change (figure very important for future generations). - Number of rubish tonnes that are dumped into the rivers daily. Yes, you have read correctly.

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