Friday, 27 July 2007


As you read, that is the number of trees that every day are cut down, in another words, those are the trees that every day go to the trash thanks to all tissues we use in different ways. I don't want you to use paper, I want you to take into account two things: one, you have to pratice a responsible use; two, you have to buy the paper to ecofriendly companies.

Respect to the point one, imagine you get into a toilette in a restaurant, the paper is not yours, of course, so that hasn't to be a reason to waste it as it was endless. Respect to the second point, there are companies that are nothing at all ecofriendly, there are lots of them which use chlorine to whiten and you know the chlorine is very poisonous for aquatic life. A lot of these companies tend to build their premises in the third world and to do whatever they want because there isn't any control to stop them. You have companies as well as Kimberly-Klark, which dedicate their work to destroy ancient forests in Canada. If the name of this company doesn't ring your bell, I can tell you they are the owners of Kleenex, yes!, that company which makes paper handkerchiefs. It also owns the brand Huggies, very well known in Spain and the very famous Scottex. If you want to check what I'm telling you, visit the page of Greenpeace dedicated to this issue.

Have a nice and an ecofriendly summer.

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