Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Forbidden Going Out

I think that more than one woud have to be at home, it should be forbidden for them to go out. Some people are as Atila's horse, where it steps on... the grass never grows. The difference is that Atila didn't threw any plastic bottles, wrappers, aluminium cans and cigarette butts among other things. In September 2006 I was in the Albufera, a lake near the city of Valencia. We got a boat ride and I could see some bottles floating in the water. The worst thing was that the bottles were among nesting places. Furthermore, it does exist a little track to access the lake by walking. In the point you reach the shore everywhere is plenty of trash. Regrettable.

The same thing I could see in Arañuel some time later. Arañuel is a little village which stands next to the Mijares river. It wasn't difficult to find a bier can and different products of plastic floating in the water or along the shore. But the worst thing for me is tourism in Antarctica, where's our limit for travelling? Are we going mad? I think travel agencies don't matter the subject, they only want one thing: money. It's really a pity, but in our last sanctuary, someone has already said that sometimes is possible to see trash bags or butts "dancing" among whales and penguins.

Not every body is prepared for visiting any place.

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