Friday, 14 March 2008

An obvious sentence

Listen to me Pedro, I'm going to tell you a thing: don't forget that summer is for being hot and winter is for being cold. I was said that by a biologist with a lot of experience when we spoke about climate and the tremendous compsumtion of energy from the air conditioning machines when we try to go beyond the limits of necessity. If we add to the abusing compsumtion a bad building, in terms of energy efficiency, it is, houses bad insulated both winter and summer, the cocktail is very "interesting" in terms of waste.

In this part of Spain where I live, it isn't unusual to find the type of houses I say. In this way, you can see big houses for only two or three people and I wonder why such people need such big houses, maybe many times the reason is to show off.... in another words: ostentation and waste. Why not more little houses and more efficients? We are so proud that we are completely blind. Yes, Paco, yes, your house is very nice but in terms of ecology is an authentic disaster. I don't want to think of the so much kilowatts it devours for keeping the inside temperature. To think that you set the machine at 20ºC in summer and 25ºC in winter.... is an authentic nightmare for me....

Anyway, some recommendations, 25-26ºC would be very well for summer and 20-21ºC for winter as well. If we get the cold from Finland as a reference, normally, when someone gets into a hotel, he/she finds a 20-21ºC temperature, no more, that means that your clothes doesn't bother you, but neither you are cold. It is unacceptable that somebody wants to wear bermuda shorts at the expense of rising the temperature of the air conditioning. Be sensible.

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