Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Cigarette Butts

A vice that I hate a lot is smoking. I hate that damned smoke that many times passes long my face but, what the most I hate, is that unconscious habit, or not, of throwing away the butter, not being important the place in which someone is, of course. It doesn't matter at all whether we are in the city or in the countryside, the action is always the same: from the mouth to the hand and from the hand to the ground. Was the butter here before you arrived? Your waste is yours not mine nor from the others, I don't want to share your waste and nor the others, and of course, forests are not guilty for being you a filthy person. We are already doing enouhg smelling your smoke.

In my city, all litter bins at the streets have a little piece of metal to put out your cigarette and, if there isn't, is not my business but yours. In this case, you have to put out your cigarette crushing it with your foot and the following action would be to throw it to the litter bin. It could be room for another possibility, there aren't litter bins!!!! My God!!! It's easy, take the butter and put it inside your pocket. I have some acquaintances that do that, in fact they're being responsible for their waste. The last straw is to see somebody throwing his/her butter through the window, what kind of education does he/she have? Aren't there any ashtrays in the cars nowadays? Neither is my fault in that case. If you don't want to get dirty your car neither get dirty our streets. The car is yours but streets are from everybody so that's the problem, and things which are from a lot of people are not looked after, as so many another things.....

Smoker, three messages for you:
  1. Your butter and cigarette boxes get dirty OUR environment.
  2. Your butter is not easy to be recycled, have you thougt about it? It will take a long time to be recycled and maybe it will be eaten by an animal causing his death.
  3. If everyone of us threw away a butter, that would be translated into 6600 million butters, but the worst thing wouldn't be that, perhaps, the worst thing would be that they would fire our forests.


Jill B. said...

I couldn't agree more about people who throw their cigarette butts out wherever they please! In fact, I ranted about it just the other day on my own blog: www.parentheticallyspeaking.wordpress.com.

Perico said...

The most annoys me is that there are many trash bins, that most of them are prepared for putting out the cigarette and throw it away inside.
Godness!! It's the height of laziness.

I check in short what you say in your blog. Thanks for your words.

Have a nice day.

Perico said...

I've just read your post. It's a pity not to have the possibility to leave a comment. Anyway, very good post!

Some times I've put into practice the sentence “Excuse me, ma’am, I think you dropped this.” But you have to figure the "possibility" of the other to be agressive. What I normally do is to squash the butt just before then, but without staring at them and doing it in a
completely natural way.