Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Father's Love

It's something usual to have conversation at home with my wife about things we watch at TV. I remember of having a conversation one day about climate change and, from that point we jumped to the point of recycling and finally to the subject of transport by bycicle. We, in secret, many times laugh at people seeing how they try to justify why they use a car to get to work when really it is not necessary at all. But those people go far, even they try to justify why they don't do anything at all for the planet. The reason for not recycling is, according to them, that everything is thrown away to the same place or that the container is not in front of their doorway... even things so odd as "if the United States continue polluting I also will"... Cool!!! You have convinced me with such a great arguments!!!

Sometimes I'm astonished when some of those people show off about being fanatical parents, but they don't take care and do nothing to instill the minimum values about environmental issues, of course, like father, like son... Sadly, environmental issues are not things of crazy people: it is a must, imagine if it is so important than a 25% of the world's population die because of environmental problems.

So fathers and mothers, you that show off about being so good and complacent with your children, keep in mind that coming times are not as good as you think, I think they will face some very serious problems. The least you can do for them, would be to instill them some values which contribute to a better world, both socially and ecologically, it's not worth letting them a world in a mess when you leave so teach them to leave things as they found them. It's a moral and a survival must.

One day somebody told: There's no better education than the example.

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