Friday, 25 July 2008

Barcelona 2018

One Sunday on November 2006, I could read a piece of news in which it was said that, in the case some measures were not taken, in 2018 traffic jams would collapse the city of Barcelona. The truth is that piece of news atonished me because Barcelona is one of the best organized cities in Spain when you speak in terms of public transport or at least I thought so. The point was that public transport should be adapted to new demand. I couldn't help thinking the stacks and stacks of asphalt that were and are being spent.... think about it. We are fragmentating the envioronment at full speed and that's no good at all, above all for animals which need big extensions of land like iberic lynxes or bears.

I'm absolutely convinced that even with 18 lanes streets or roads, in not many years time, they would be collapsed. And why? Because we humans are as we are, there's no awareness , there's no culture of responsibility respect to the environmental limits. I know there are a very big bunch of people who couldn't care less pollution. To them is not a big deal to asphalt everywhere, it's not a big deal to fragment most ecosystems. Think about that, the less cars driving the less space we need to asphalt, I don't know if you catch me. Imagine if we have so much land asphalted in Spain that if we used all that surface to produce green energy we could supply all the energy that our country needs...... Go back to think about it.

To conclude, I think asphalting a lot of land impoverishes a lot of people, in the long term, and makes rich a few ones, in the short term. We almost have the same kilometers of highways than Germany, but Germany almost doubles us in population and the worst is that some of the highways built are not justified because they are underutilised. Dear politicians, please, change your policy of asphalting, because it is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow; please drivers, think about no using so much your box of four wheels, don't be so lazy above all if you are alone in your car. Put into practice this: 4 x 4 = four wheels for four people. Thanks.

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