Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A Good Christmas Bonus

As usual! It was December 23rd 2006. I was reading the newspaper Levante and I could check that from public coffers, four million euros were going to be destinated to fund the repairs of Xativa's bullfighting square (Xativa is a little city in the south of the province of Valencia). I'd rather prefer investing the money in culture, sport or science because there's a lot of need of those subjects. These four million euros will be for: one.- to benefit builders (who have the support of our politicians to destroy our environment) and two.- to support a "party" to which no words exist.

Once more the famous quote is repeated: we can get by without school but not without bulls. And of course, the bullfighting square has to be finished before elections... Why on Earth have my taxes to have this fate? Because nobody has got four million euros from nowhere. If you want to have party, at the moment pay it yourself, because really it should be forbidden, I don't understand a party in which a living being is tortured.

Of course, some people are able to do any thing in order to not to lose the chair...

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