Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Have Things Changed Something In 6 Years?

I posted in April 2007 some comments about de main headlines related to the environment. In that moment after 3 years, things hadn't changed a lot. Now, 3 years later, the question is reaised once again. Maybe people are more concerned, there are some steps being taken but there's a new question: can these measures catch up with the level of destruction? I'm in doubt. Three examples to think about: Europe's seas face 'bleak future', €1.1 trillion and 2010 living planet report. And now some headlines from 2004 to 2007:
  • Climate change threatens beaches in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Patagonia's glaciars could disappear in twenty years time.
  • Global warming could come great famines and the melting of the Himalaya.
  • Climate change will leave 200 million refugees in 2050.
  • Ten important natural reservas under threat.
  • Global warming threatens 30% of flora and fauna.
  • Equator declares the Galapago Islands at risk.
  • Scientists declare the collapse of marine ecosystems.

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