Thursday, 14 June 2007

Don't drill me guy!!

Thus, speaking of drills, you have to know that in the next years, it is going to get invested nothing else than a little figure: 3.500.000.000€. And you will ask yourself... what for? Only for drilling the Artic. It seems that the Artic hasn't enough problems as to face another one . It likes me...

Along some time, lots of experts say that fusion energy is the future, as it is a clean and inexhaustible energy source. In that way I say that: what are the authorities waiting for more investments and efforts in this type of energy? No much time ago I read in the newspapers that we need, at least, a decade to run the invent. My question is as follows: why not invest the incredible 3.500.000.000€ on fusion energy instead of drilling the artic? I think if we invested that quantity in this type of energy, we could reduce the decade. My father once said: if you want... you can. Nothing else.

Good night.

N.A. I think no spanish people will have been astonished when they read the title. In english the expression or idiom doesn't exist. When you say in spanish that, you are saying to the speaker: stop speaking, don't tell me more silly/annoying things, I'm not interested in. What I wanted was to make a play on words in spanish.

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