Sunday, 24 June 2007

Was that when you arrived here?

Some time ago I was in the university library and I could observe as a couple of young girls left their litter on the table. It took my attention the esay-way for people to leave their rubbish. I think as they leave their litter in the library, in the same way they behave when they are on the beach, in the cinema, in the streets, in the countryside, etc... Girls, your miseries are yours not ours. It's not our fault if you are uncivic or very bad educated people (I'd rather say you are filthy). If we think, two food packings it's not much, what I'm worry is if you are smokers, so perhaps you treat your cigarettes in the forest as you treated your litter on the table. You have rights, correct, but you also have obligations. Your behaviour belongs to old times because some decades before there wasn't culture and education. Now, you don't have excuses.

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