Friday, 14 September 2007


This is the number of planets that we would need whether all inhabitants of this planet consumed the same resources as the mean american. So I think you should take this into account before buying unnecessary things. The title for today would be: think twice, do you agree?

The most of the green house gases come from power generation, the energy which is consumed by industries to generate everything you buy and later on for recycling them, although many times things finish in the trash, not in the recycling machine...

We dive in a consumer society, without stopping generating trash and every day more quantity than the previous one. The question is... What can we do? Here you are some examples. Don't change your mobile every six months. Conserve your car eight or ten years at least. Every time you do the shopping take your things inside a cloth bag, don't waste so many plastic bags. Try to buy products with the least wrappers, choose big bottles becasue you will generate less waste. Have you thought in reducing your flights? A plain is an authentic predator of fuel... I would be able to continue for some lines more.... Anyway, have your say, now is your turn, think about what I have just said, remember, thinking doesn't kill you.

Bye, Bye.

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