Friday, 28 September 2007


Some time ago I read some bad news about a new hasty iberian lynx. The animal was dead at 8 am. It is a leak else over the most threatened feline in the world. In fact, today, most of the lynxes are dead because of the cars. "Dear" politiciens, in Brussels you were told our road plan was simply unlucky, even though you were paid a lot of money to build a new road which comes past by the middle of the natural park where live the few lynxes we have in freedom... you have no shame...

Stop-just-now!!! How is it possible so many cars in such a weak place? Please, asked drivers not to speed, but that will be difficult because our culture loves speeding... The only thing the most of the people understand are physical barriers, that is, not to build new roads in that place or close them to the daily traffic. Our fauna has to face a lot of dangers and one of them is speeding. Many animals die in our roads, in fact, a report was issued some time ago by the government in which you could check how many millions of animals face the death every time they have to cross a road. The planet is not our, the planet is shared, we are part of the chain not the chain itself.

One more negative point for our politicens and one more for the crook driver who run over the lynx and didn't communicate the fact to the authorities.

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