Thursday, 11 October 2007


I am part of that group of people which every day get to work/school/university and so on by bycicle. In another words, I am part of a group known as: wretch, immigrant or fucking ecologist.

I think the people who think about us in that manner, have never asked themselves about how would be our cities without our bloody cars, it is, our cities without fumes, without noise, summarising, having cities with much more quality of life. They are blind but I think the worst is that they don't want to open their eyes, they prefer staying in the supposed comfort of their consumer life.

I suppose I'm in the position of saying that I'm happier from I'm using the bycicle. Since 2004 I park where I want, I don't emit fumes and noises, I don't get stuck in traffic jams and that means not to waist my precious time. Summarising, to get to everywhere by bycicle in the city only means two things: to be healthy and save money, two great reasons for me, don't you think so?

Have a nice day.

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