Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Latitude 90º N

Ja, ja, ja, it was one evening in September 2006, we were having afternoon snack at work when sombody said that polar bears have their days numbered.... ja, ja, ja... regrettable. It seemd that in TV somebody said something about climate change and the dark future for that plantigrades (nowadays you can check that the melting is accelerating, even more than was predected....).

We always go back to the same comment, yes, everything is bad, very bad, but nobody does anything at all. We were ten people on the table, one of us normally gets to everywhere on foot and another one by bycicle (the rest you can imagine....). In the moment we were talking, in the Artic an enormous crack had opened (here you are the link in spanish and another similar one in english). The Artic ice sheet is going, like glaciers, like amphibians, like many other things.... But people, it like me or not, are happy. People think everything is ok and nothing is happening, or in the case it is... maybe they won't see consequences. I wonder why the people who come after us will have to deal with something that they didn't cause. Why do they have to live mortgaged? Why do we have to jeopardize their future? Our atitude is completely irrresponsible, reckless and selfish. Nobody is sure about what will happen in the future, but some of the people who study climate change thinks that things can change more rapidly than many people think. Anyway, be happy, be responsible and enjoy the day.

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