Tuesday, 16 October 2007

They'd Rather the Girls were Fat

Some time ago I got home completely dazzled. The reason was I was asked by a lady whether there was bank near by. "Dear lady", the bank is five minutes long walking but she surprised me with the answer "I will get to it by car", I could only think: my good!!! go to hell!!! She told me that the weather was hot and she would get tired if she walked. If prefered keeping silence: silence is golden.

Is it hot? Really? Darling, today is only 24 ºC, have you ever been in desert or chipping stones? I think you haven't. Please, start your cold engine, you have to know that cold engines pollute more than hot ones, and later on looking for parking: everything for not walking 500 meters. I would dress you with a T-shirt with the title: I cooperate to warm the planet, ask me how. You seem the typical people that, when they watch drawned polar bears in TV, because every day they have less ice sheet to live, they say: poor animals, what a pity! . My dear lady, don't be offended by what I'm going to say to you, but: you are either an ignorant or a hypocrite.

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