Tuesday, 27 November 2007

One More Step

Little by little supermarkets are more concerned about responsible shopping. I don't know the reason, perhaps beacause "green" now is fashionable or perhaps because they answer to the interests of their customers. Everytime I have to buy a new product, the first thing I do is to check if it is ecofriendly, both manufacture and use. When we go shopping house products one of them are paper. We have two options, some times is possible to buy recycled paper and another ones it isn't. In this last case, we have to opt for paper which has an icon in its wrapper (in my case, I look for WWF's bear, the picture of this post).

The first time I saw the icon was great, it was cool to know that somebody was more or less concerned and responsible with the products he/she offered. In this way, I think, we costumers, have lots of things to say, we can opt for not buying certain products, sending e-mails to ask for more ecofriendly ones and so on. But of course, to get to that situation, we have to be informed and want to.

Big things are made with small ones so remember the moral: do your bit.

Here you have an interesting link to do little things.


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