Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Is this Spain?

Dear foreigner,

I think so, or at least, that's my point of view. Tough times are coming to all "vampires" who have been destroying our land only for one thing: money. They have created a virtual wealth, basing our economy in something as poor as a brick. Is a country able to uphold its economy in such a disaster? Maybe for sometime, here we have an idiom: bread for today, famine for tomorrow. Everything has been accepted for earning millions of euros, for destroying the environment and mortgage our future, so future generations will suffer because of wrong past decission-making.

Even so, the next trap is coming. Sometime ago, valencian community politiciens passed a law on natural parks, it is, natural parks were established everywhere, it seemed to be a great idea, a "green" idea, but it was a wolf in sheep clothe as somebody wrote in that moment. There is an obv¡ous explanation... when the coast is destroyed we have to go to another place, we can't stop earning money.... So now, the "finger" points to the proximities of natural parks, so everybody is waiting for getting more money. In fact, you can find some ads offering you houses at the proximities of such natural parks.

But the worst thing is that many people don't be involved (so they don't vote accordingly), even you can think I'm crazy, that type of problems seem to be so far.... why do I have to do anything? At least they create employment.... At what price? And what about "tomorrow"? What will be up when everything is destroyed, when everything is plenty of concret? What the hell will we do? The only thing I can say from here to people abroad is.... take care!! Be sure you are not buying destruction... our destruction... It's not a question of boundaries, it's a question of moral, of respecting environment and the rest of wildlife which shares with us this beautiful planet.

Keep in touch.

P.D. Think twice before buying a house in Spain. By the way, be careful with golf courses, we are short of water.

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