Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Who pays the round?

In October 2006 the World Conservation Union announced that West Africa Black Rhino could be wiped out and things seem not to be changed since then. Maybe the black rhino has gone.... Big mammals are facing big problems and the most of them because of the humans.

The W.A. Black Rhino is one of the many animals and vegetables species which are leaving this world in silence..... and the most of the people seem not to realize it. Everything seems to be normal, "they" try to convince us that everything is OK, that nothing happens, that nothing has changed. Our world has been always as we know it but that's the big lie. From the moment we "developped" we took to extinction many species... but it seems that nobody wants to face this question... everybody wants to be happy, to be comfortable in his/her city, going shopping and consuming, consuming, consuming..... Be happy, be empty, don't think, what for?

Who's guilty for this crime? I suppose that nobody. Corrupt politiciens who have their citizens under extreme poverty and ignorance plus a first world with crook people prepared for paying for parts or the whole animal are the perfect mix for what has happened. Sires of the first world, rich gentlement, money is not for eating but some day we will because nothing will be left. Once upon a time, the Great Indian Chief Seattle said one intelligent sentence: the white man will swallow the Earth, and nothing will be left, only a desert.

I'm not an important person, I know, I'm one among millions, but there are people who works for science, for environment, for helping people..... all of them know that environment and poverty go together..... Please, the complaints book?

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