Wednesday, 16 January 2008

A whale to port!

I don't know if you have ever seen a pulley arch. To have an idea.. something like Silvester Stallone used in his film Rambo. I had the opportunity to use it twice and apart from its shooting power, the thing the most surprised me was checking that there were some arrows whose tips were little blades.

Now is the moment to be a little cruel. Imagine for a moment that one of those arrows reach your abdomen. Do you imagine such a terrible pain? Now you have to multiply by several times the pain you have when you have stomachache. Are you doubled up? Half more round. Imagine such arrow reaching your thorax. Slow down, we have to use a slow motion. Listen, you can listen to as the ribs are crunching and how the arrow drills your lungs, they begin to get flooded, little by little you are having problems for breathing, the air is lacking... even you could begin to spit blood.

Let's go far away, we have to try that reality overcomes fiction. We have to add to all previous events that the arrow takes an explosive charge which blows open all your internal organs, don't you think it is wonderful? So that is what happen to whales when they are hunted. Can you imagine how they would shout if they could do it as humans do? It's something crazy, but it's happening just now in some place of the world. What a comfortable place is my sofa!!

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