Sunday, 2 November 2008

A Week for a Rest

Some posts ago I wrote about my journey to Lapland in 2006. This post was written when I was there. I only would like to show you the things and situtatuons I lived there. Get your own conclusions.

I have decided to leave, only a bit, my blog during this week. This my holiday week and I need a piece of rest... Getting back to this land is excellent, I think at the moment... I wouldn't get back to my country...

I'm getting a lot of knowledge about my favourite subject, and, little by little, I've had the oppportunity to speak to people of the place about the behaviour of the climate. I have spoken to taxi drivers, tour guides and dogs breeders. Tomorrow we will visit once more the ice braker Sampo, it won't be like last time, but we will try to have fun as much as we can, thing which is not in doubt and I will take profit to try to exchange ideas with somebody of the crew.

I already have more things in mind for new posts, so from next week I will go back to write (meanwhile I will go updating some link). Just now we are in Kemi. It is -4 ºC in the street and no much time it will take me to go to bed. Good night.

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