Saturday, 15 November 2008

Wretch II

Once more I've been able to check that a daily use of the bicycle is a question of culture and education. Despite winters are harsh in Finland, it exists a daily use of the bicycles as a mean of transport. Obviously, bicycles are more used in summer (or at least I think so).

Here where I live, potential bicycle users put forward any thing: there is a lot of traffic and it is dangerous, it is very hot, it is very hard, I sweat, it is cold... ¡Cold!¡Cold! It makes me laugh at them. Last time I was in Finland we got -17ºC... The best thing was that I saw people cycling ¡Even elderly people!

Maybe in Spain somebody can think that who uses the bycicle in Finland is because they don't have any other resource. Maybe there's somebody, but from my point of view, if something characterizes Finland, is its way of life, a low index of political corruption (at least if we compare with Spain) and above all, if I haven't been misinformed, ostentation is not well regarded. What do we find here (in general)? Cyclists are sadly a minority. The car has become the totem of our society, in the reference of what you are or you try to be... ¡Get out of my road wretch!

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